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Breathing the colors of the senses

Integrated laboratory of artistic expression by Eleonora Tassani.

In the laboratory "Breathing the colors of the senses" I accompany you on a sensory journey of listening and artistic expression of your soul.

In my variegated creative experience, I have discovered that a sound corresponds to a color and that this correspondence is univocal, without precise rules and generates a deep emotional state change when it is assimilated by sight.

In empathic listening, the external vibration is absorbed by the ears, by the body and, in an intimate path that winds in a spiral, reaches the heart and stimulates it. I'll lead you to retrace that spiral in the reverse direction, so as to express the impulse, through the hand or hands, in order to create a circle of expression that regenerates and feeds new nuances every time.

Savoring the music, you will have the opportunity to smell the colors and touch their texture, your mind will be cradled by the senses, so as to enter your internal sea,leaving your soul free to sing its most intimate colors.

The integration of our parts is one of the objectives of personal growth, self-expression and a state of well-being.This workshop is an intimate contribution, a journey, a dance step on the notes of colour, towards awareness, the fertile land of integration.

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Eleonora Tassani

I am creative by nature, artistic studies and years of experience in the fashion industry have contributed to my innate sensitivity, the ability to perceive tonal variations first of things and then of being. I love colours, nature and walking, the fusion of opposites in shades.

In 2011 I attended a seminar by dr. Omar Miranda-Novales and I begin...

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