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Who I am

I'm Eleonora Tassani, creative by nature, artistic studies and years of experience in the fashion industry have contributed to my innate sensitivity, the ability to perceive tonal variations first of things and then of being. I love colours, nature and walking, the fusion of opposites in shades.

In 2011 I attended a seminar by dr. Omar Miranda-Novales and I began a journey first of personal growth and then of "student" to welcome the knowledge of the Masters of the Maya Nahual tradition (the native one of ancient Mexico).

Since then, empathetic listening to emotions has been added to the sensitivity of vision and free answers have begun to arrive which, over time, I have felt important to share.


Animatrama is the channel that allows me to share services aimed at the well-being of the person, with Animatrama I deal with projects created to feed the soul.


Animatrama was born in2016withCristina Cicognani, with the intention of making known theGuide animalsof the Nahual tradition, archetypes that represent the characteristics of a certain species by synthesizing its powers and qualities. We began to draw them and spread them through organic cotton printed t-shirts, notebooks published with Macro Edizioni, prints on paper, ceramic talismans.


Deepening more and more into the Nahual tradition, experiencing its wisdom firsthand, I felt the urge to go further and, from the end2017, I started offering the traditional rituals that are passed on to me in my training course.


The initial intent has therefore expanded on the path of well-being: to these proposals, since 2020, I have added artistic integration workshops and consultancy“Images from the unconscious, symbols for the soul”.


The workshops and consultancy arise from the fusion of the Nahual tradition with my intrinsic qualities as an artist.


Christina is pursuing its personal path of development on another path, profound and enriching, simply different from mine.

For this reason, in2022, being sincere friends, we have decided that Animatrama becomes a single person: Eleonora Tassani.

Cristina ed Eleonora
Christina and Eleanor
Ele pavone 2020
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