As a child I spent most of my time at the court in Vienna, I had many sisters and brothers, a carriage and many friends.

It was then, at the age of about eight, that I discovered I was a witch.

Then at fourteen closed the court of Vienna and the magic inside the drawer of childhood and, determined, I began to study to become a stylist.

I believe that I would never have reopened that drawer if my left eye had not got in the way of my life and professional path.

I was born with a congenital left eye problem and when I thought it was definitely resolved, the eye began to see halfway. Detachment of the retina. And then gradually a series of unfortunate interventions, glaucoma and nothing done, even the other half of sight slowly faded. During those years I realized myself professionally and closed myself on an emotional level. I proceeded on the road that I had decided to take as a machine, rigid, accelerated, the eye represented a nuisance in carrying out my work.

I think he took me for exhaustion. The eye I mean. Yes, it is thanks to his tenacity that I began to try to understand what I could really do in everything that was happening to me . In short, if no one, not even the numerous doctors, could solve my problems, indeed they did nothing but make them worse, was there anything I could do for this damned / blessed eye? Was there anything I could do for myself?

Proposed consultations and rituals: