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As a child I spent most of my time at the court in Vienna, I had many sisters and brothers, a carriage and many friends.

It was then, at the age of about eight, that I discovered I was a witch.

Then at fourteen I closed the court of Vienna and the magic inside the drawer of my childhood and, having decided, I began to study to become a fashion designer.

I think I would never have opened that drawer again if my left eye hadn't got in the way of my life and professional path.

I was born with a congenital problem in my left eye and when I thought it was finally resolved, the eye began to see half. Retinal detachment. And then gradually a series of unfortunate surgeries, glaucoma and nothing done, even the other half of sight gradually faded. During those years, I fulfilled myself professionally and closed down emotionally.I proceeded on the road I had decided to take like a machine, stiff, accelerated, the eye was a nuisance in carrying out my work.

I think it took me for exhaustion. I mean the eye. Yes, it is thanks to his tenacity thatI began to try to understand what I could really do in everything that was happening to me. In short, if no one, not even the numerous doctors, managed to solve my problems, in fact they did nothing but make them worse, was there anything I could do for this cursed/blessed eye?Was there anything I could do for me?

Proposed consultations and rituals: