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Guide Animals

Guide Animals are universal archetype representing the main characteristics of a specific species, including powers and qualities. They belong to the Native American tradition and ancient people from the modern Mexico, especially they are connected to nahuales from Maya and Aztech tribes -nahuales are the Magister of the tradition, the one that can connect the material world to the spiritual one-.

These ancient cultures believed firmly that Guide Animals went along people through all their lives, helping to deal with problems, protecting, advising and teaching.

They help us in creating a link with our deepest part, making us able to discover and express our natural talents, be more honest, live true relationships and follow our dreams.

The Journey to Meet your own Guide Animal

Guide Animal find us through dreams; however, to find consciously your own Guide Animal, there is an holy ritual that Maya and Aztech nahuales still practice.

The Magister creates an holy and inviolable space; who wants to meet his/her Guide Animal enter in this space in a kind of relaxed mood.

Once the person has find his/her relaxed mood, the Guide Animal comes as a spontaneous vision.

This ritual is passed on generations through initiation rituals that happen within the Master Community.

Dr. Omar Miranda-Novales, nahual Magister elected by the Elders as their mouthpiece, has chosen and initiated us (Eleonora and Cristina) to practice the original ritual in Italy.

We accepted this mission with emotion and honor, and we are available to introduce whoever wants to his/her Guide Animal.

How Many and What are the Guide Animals?

Potentially, all animals in the world can be Guide Animals; however, through the thousands of years of this nahual tradition, some Animals appear more frequently.

These are: Eagle, Horse, Lion, Wolf, Tiger, Jaguar, Snake, Cobra, Deer, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Owl, Peacock, Bear, Dolphin, Hummingbird, Gecko, Coyote, Fox, Hawk, Turtle, Spider, Tarantula, Scorpion, Frog, Salamander, Bull, Crocodile, Ant, Bat, Bee, Dog.

We started canalizing and represent Guide Animal following our feels.

Disegno dell'Aquila


Renewal, purification, concept and height.

Having Eagle as ally means to be able to enjoy of its great ability of vision. Flying, the Eagles can reach incredible heights, having a wide point of view of everything. A gift that grants a different point of view and foresight. This Animal represents the Sun. It helps in setting targets and reach for them. Follow the Eagle and you will find out what is waiting for you.

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disegno del Cavallo


Power, fierce beauty, freedom and strenght. The Horse as Animal Guide grants balance between freedom and power. Horse is an independent spirit, granting strength and respect of yourself; when the Horse appears in your dreams, a change is arriving in your life. It represents inventiveness and rebirth; it is strictly connected to the Mars and to the Sun. It helps to support new projects and ideas.

Ride the Horse to live the joy and the full spirit of freedom.

Disegno del Cervo


Sensibility, Insightfulness, kindness and gracefulness.

Deer have a clear vision of what is going on around them: it has a keen hearing, it feels with skin and pay attention with paws. It preserves the Heart of Nature and connects – like a bridge – the earthly world with the spiritual one.

Deer represents Freedom, the Female Energy with its kindness and gracefulness. Its high antlers renew every year and represent the transformation, the renaissance, the flowing of time and the spiritual growing. Deer are sunny and its element is Fire. Follow the Deer, follow your path with peaceful reverence for the invisible, beyond time and space.

Disegno de Cobra


Cosmic Energy, Primordial Vital Energy, Sacred Spirit.

The Cobra figure on the Egyptian crown of pharaohs, recalls the mystic eye of subconscious that, just like a supernatural guardian, can see where the mind cannot.

Because of therapeutic abilities of their poison, snakes are precious allies for healing process. Cobra can defeat illnesses and negative behaviours. By changing its skin, Cobra represents the renewal and the flowing of time, and the core of vital energy.

Let the Cobra guide you through the journey to reawaken your Energy, connect your heart to the cosmic awareness.

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Salvation, fertility and healing. Because of the Dolphin´s history of saving people from drowning, Dolphins castaways’ guardianship is legendary. As a matter of fact, Dolphins are there to protect us. Always with a smile in their faces, Dolphins convey sweetness, being able to cheer up people both mentally and emotionally; strengthening the physical body. Like a sonar, they explore the state of mind in which we are, changing our frequencies accordingly in order to restore balance.

Due to their connection to water, Dolphins´s symbolism is related to fertility, human sexuality and reproduction.
Dolphins as Spirit Animals bring healing and fertility.
Let Dolphins be by your side: they will make you discover your wisdom as a healer and your sensuality as well.



Phisical strenght, stability, longevity and luck.

Born with dampen paws and strictly connected to Mother Earth Energy, Elephants move quietly, with flowing movements, changing the environment by creating passages and removing obstacles… even in your human mind.

It is the Master of solutions, giving peace and calmness.

Begin your journey with the Elephant and be aware of your greatness and interior strenght, being able to get over blocks and obstacles.



Transformation, metamorphosis, old symbol of soul and beauty. Butterfly's stages of metamorphosis represent the steps of human spiritual growing path, and reveal what happens when you get in touch with your own dark side (cocoon), to become a brand new person. Butterflies are the wind warriors; they are elegant, fluctuating, and represent the strength of wisdom within slowness.

Listen to its flapping wings, the wind will bring you toward the boom of your spirit, where you will wake up into a brand new beauty.



Stability, fertility, protection and good luck.
The gecko symbolizes the element earth and represents emotional and mental stability.
Spiritual colors: red and blue, the balance between masculine and feminine energy.
Symbol of fertility and sexual pleasure: a force of transformation which unfold itself in creativity. This force sharpens our senses in a way that let us to see our every day problems in a different way.
The gecko represents protection and it is view as a lucky charm.
Follow the gecko in the voyage to your inner land, you will discover the pleasure of finding it.



Interior, bravery and mentor. Agile and slim, Jaguar is a brave and inelligent feline. As Animal Guida it has a link to the depht of soul, to the sky and stars, and to Earth and caves. Jaguar represents the power of expression; it can see at night and through the darkness of the soul. It is a constant, balanced and moral guide. These are the characteristics of Jaguar that inspire warriors.

Night hunter, teach how to find without searching.

Look into the Jaguar’s eyes and observe the bottom of human, cosmic and Earth soul.



Lord of the night, quiet observer and guardian of wisdom.

Owl represents the access to the unknown, the freedom of inconscious.

It is the Animal Guide for transition; thanks to him, we become aware of every single step of changing process.

Owl can watch and see eveything, and can keep secrets.

With its piercing eyes, brings light and luminosity in difficult moments.

Observe the owl, listen to the night and let it guide you through the darkness, illimating your soul.



Connected the energy of the Sun, it represents the power, the strenght and sovereignty of justice.

Boost leadership, success and responsibility.

Sacred Animale, as lioness represents the Goddess: patient, calm, protective, feeds and supports he whole group. The Lioness is also teacher of the synchronicity, to arrive in the correct place, to the correct moment and in the suitable way.

Let its golden energy light you up and explore the deepest to face any fear.

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Loyalty, awareness, dedication to the group and marked sensitivity. Wolves are incredibly perceptive (their senses are very alert) and they exatly know what is going on within our mind and heart. Through its peneraing eyes, WoIf can see the core of our soul; when it appears in our dreams is to lead us through a path.

Being a social Animal, it guides and protect the clan and itself.

Follow the Wolf and leave your traces on the ground, others will follow your steps.



Symbol par excellence of protection, wisdom and strength.

It is the guardian of hearth chakra. As incredible healing ally, Bear can heal creating a connection between our Hearth and Mother Earth.

It helps, therefore, to rediscover the connection of the whole, healing wounds.

Enter within the ritual to get introspection and purification: let an empty comes within you, so that the strength of your Hearth can flows.



Magic, eternal beauty and immortality.

Peacocks, with their eternal beauty, knows the Old Magic and can shape energy to create whatever it wants.

The all-seeing eye of its amazing plumage calls for a great fortune and personal power.

Even its beautiful shape, Peacock is not vain; it knows how the life-wheel turns. That’s why it boosts thrust and interior rebirth.

Peacock can make you see beyond the external beauty.

Follow the Peacock and reach out your eternal beautiful essence.



Mistery, patience, intelligence and energy. Thanks to its “magical” fur, Tiger becomes invisible in the jungle; it patiently waits for the right moment. Its symbology is hence related to the ability of staying focused and being patient. Tiger also loves water puddles, standing for the ability of diving into the fluid dimension.

As Guide Animal, Tiger is an healer for intrapsychic dimension; it represents the ability of regeneration, the willpower, the courage. It is an energy source almost endless. Let the energy of the Tiger heals your old wounds; changing your mind, your life will flow again into the present.



Cunning, and faithful, Foxes represent the duality.
These creatures, with their fiery red fur and their tail similar to flames, embody the transforming qualities of  fire.
Foxes are endowed with a legendary cleverness and use their ability to elude their hunters. They guide us through shifting spaces with antagonistic ways of being, between cultivated fields and wild forests, between the intuitive intelligence and the rules of social life. Foxes as Spirit Animals speak for the duality, therefore, invite us to be faithful to ourselves and encourage us to find inner freedom , teaching us love and partnership in our couple.

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