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Designs of this section want rapresent natural elements that are the archetypes known globally.

Every single element has been drawn and enriched by symbols integrated in its own shape, to boost its power.

Each and every of these elements can inspire, protect,  strengthen up, clarify, accompanyng…

Listen to the call,

Get in touch with its energy,

Let the intuition guide you

And choose your element.

disegno dell' Albero della Vita

Tree of life

It dispenses oxygen and it is the symbol of trascendency and eternal renewal brought by the seasons.

The Tree of Life represents also fertility, life and longevity.

Its roots get deep within Mother Earth and its turnip top gets in touch with the Sky and Universe, connecting the feminine energy with the masculine one.

It represents the constantly changing life, from down to up.

Stay under the Tree, receive its silent wisdom, try the feeling of balance between sky and ground. What you need, will come to you.


Nature collection



Light, soft, delicate, feathers hold the soul of birds, the most celestial creatures.

Connected to the sky and air, they represent the superior mind, dreams, inspirations and spiritual ascension.

They are the perfect symbol of our flight toward the Sky, since they give the chance to fly without problems.

In all cultures all around the world, feathers have magical powers: they can be used to clean up environments from negative energies and purify Spirits, to be messengers from other worlds or were spiritual power means.

Brought to us by birds, we can find feathers along our way, just like messenger from others worlds.


The Moon

Beautiful, solemn, light and dark are balanced.

The Moon, with its cycle, influences creativity and spirituality, reveal the unconscious, express the mystery and leads to changing.

It is the Lady of moisture and nourishment, boost fertility and represents the die water. That’s why Moon is so connected to Feminine: it calls for the mother sense in every meaning: nourishment, protection and love. It is the main symbol of maternity. The full moon fosters new births, the evolving and metamorphosis process. Ask to the three Goddess of the Moon (the Young, the Mother and the Old) to help you in leading your life within the natural rhythm, to awake your internal Goddess.

T-shirt donna stampa Luna-Loto
T-shirt da donna stampa Stella Marina

Nature collection


The Sun

Fertility, creativity, foresight and healing power.

The Sun is the natural element that reveal and lights up. It represents the Good, the Light and the Knowledge.

Just like a celestial warrior, the intense light of Sun sends away the darkness, and its rays hit the target. The cycle sunrise-sunset represents resurrection and eternity.

The Sun is also the symbol of hearth, it is in the middle of the sky just like the heart is in the middle of the human being.

Get warmed up by the Sun light; its energy will help you to make clear, strengthen up and lead your energies that are spreading out from your vital core.



Because of its petal that from the centre radiate like a spiral, Rose is the symbol par excellence of Self-Realization, reminding the movement from give to take.

More than any other flower, Rose represents Love with all its shades, both earthly and celestial, inspiring the Heart to open, leading the way to love with all ourselves.

Its bud opens up among thorns, recalling passion, pathos, pain and joy coming from Love: whirling and harmonizing energies that contact our deepest Soul, allowing to understand the real nature of Love.

Watch the Rose with your Soul, give or receive it, it will talk to your heart anyway, allowing to the essential feeling to spring up.



Starfish is one of the symbol for the world of the underwater; it reminds the clearness, the calm and the harmony. Starfishes are delicate and simple, but at the same time they are strong (they can regenerate broken appendages).

Its symbology is related to the desire of diving into the unconscious, searching for solutions and serenity.

For Christians, the Starfish is the symbol of Virgin Mary (Stella Maris, starfish), that helps us in crossing the trouble waters of our life. The Star represent the endless love of God to us, that inspires and leads our path.

The Night reveals the Stars; follow your Star, its Light will guide you through the darkness of your inconscious.

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