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At the court of Vienna

Eleonora bambina a Tres

As a child I spent most of my time at the court in Vienna, I had many sisters and brothers, a carriage and many friends.

It was then, at the age of about eight, that I discovered I was a witch.

Then at fourteen closed the court of Vienna and the magic inside the drawer of childhood and, determined, I started studying to become a stylist.

I believe that I would never have reopened that drawer if my left eye had not got in the way of my life and professional path.

I was born with a congenital problem in my left eye and when I thought it was definitely resolved, the eye began to see halfway. Detachment of the retina. And then gradually a series of unfortunate interventions, glaucoma and nothing, even the other half of sight slowly faded. During those years I realized myself professionally and closed myself on an emotional level. I proceeded on the road that I had decided to take as a machine, rigid, accelerated, the eye represented a nuisance in the performance of my work.

Blessed sick eye


I think he took me for exhaustion. The eye I mean. Yes, it is thanks to his tenacity that I began to try to understand what I could really do in everything that was happening to me. In short, if no one, not even the numerous doctors, could solve my problems, indeed they did nothing but make them worse, was there anything I could do for this damned / blessed eye? Was there anything I could do for myself?

A rather warm pair of hands came as a first practical help, that help that I thought could not exist. Because it was invisible, intangible. It was my farsighted parents who suggested that I also try that road, by now I had tried them all, this one certainly couldn't do worse; I was lying down, relaxed and what they did to me for the first time wasn't even painful! From the first sessions since that "strange" pranotherapist, the headache disappeared, the pressure lowered and the eye drops disappeared from the bedside table, there was no longer any need. After 10 years of interventions at the limit of therapeutic persistence and a collection consisting of a number of eye drops equal to that of the clothes we showed in Milan, finally the TRUCE.

Well, however, the lady pranotherapist is already of a certain age, how do I go on over the years? Yes, because I still depended on her, on her hands, the times between one session and another got longer, but after three years I still needed to go to her to keep my eye balanced.

Again, what can I do concretely for myself?


Eleonora e Omar

As often happens, things happen a bit by chance, I said then. As always happens, things never happen by chance , instead I say today. And we are in 2011. Intrigued, I participate in a seminar in Reggio Emilia, held by a certain Dr. Omar Miranda-Novales , a body psychotherapist who lives in Berlin, but who is actually Mexican. Interesting pairing, I think. The seminar I live is intense, enlightening and upsetting.

The following year, and after 3-4 seminars with Omar, Elide, the pranotherapist, feels that I no longer need her sessions, I'm done! Thank you so much, Elide.

But what exactly happened? Step back. I was sure that to cure my eye I had to do something concrete. Perfect. What does it mean, what have I done? Obviously I didn't know, I just followed curiosity and instinct, for the first time in a long time. Of course, finally I no longer suffered from heavy headaches, I was lighter and ready to throw myself into new adventures.

The body psychotherapy seminars made me finally aware of my body, of the suffering suffered, I began to see what for years I pretended not to see.


The head forgets, the body records and remembers everything,

sculpting its shape with the chisel of the wounds received.

Begin to take care of yourself, with objectivity and love is

the first and fundamental step towards healing .


And so with Omar, in 2011 I took the first step. In truth it was the first step of a long, very long walk, not only towards the healing of my eye (because for me today it is healed), but also towards that of my soul, towards me, the real me that I had closed in drawer with the Vienna court, the carriage and the magic.

On the way

Eleonora in cammino

Omar's work is multidisciplinary and integrated with his tradition, the Mexican one, which defines itself as Maya-Nahual and of which he is the Master. After the first years of body psychotherapy and the results obtained and visible, my interest quickly slipped towards the Maya-Nahual tradition and, apparently, even the "spirit" winked at Omar. In fact, it was he who asked me in 2014 for permission to be able to transmit the tradition to me. An important factor for the Nahual Masters is to pass on their knowledge to a student who is chosen on the basis of some signal that comes from the universe or from the Nahual itself. Let's say that the signal comes as an inner intuition.

Thus begins not only the walk towards the real me, but also my path as an "apprentice". The two roads obviously overlap, intersect and end up being more and less the same thing. Well, then? The doubt comes to me, am I really a witch? Claudia, my sister, who has been following her personal journey with Omar for some years, looks at me and with bright eyes: "yes, I really think we were right then, you are a witch!"

Well, what exactly does that mean? It means that I am a creative energy, I am particularly sensitive, I feel, I see (I still pretend not to see, every now and then, but less and less), and thanks to the Nahual tradition that I am learning, I can help in healing the wounds of the soul, in the encounter with the Guide Animals and with the ancestors.

A few years ago I dreamed of my dead godmother dressed in red who all out of breath came to bring me a message: "Your task in life is to help others feel good, then later in the years, you will understand why". Here, there is one thing that I have learned well in my path in tradition, is that of not asking questions. Not because no one will give you the answer, but because the question only comes when the answer exists. I know, it is difficult to understand with our logic, but really, it is very easy to understand when we have taken this path.

Me, the witch

Eleonora, io, la strega

Without asking myself too many questions, simply because today they come to me only when I know the answers, with humility, following the teachings of Omar and the signs of the universe, or of the "spirit", I try to put my task into practice every day.

I can say that the signals arrive and the path develops, otherwise I would not be here today to tell about myself and my being a witch. If someone, reading, feels a kind of curiosity arise, great, we are on the same vibration. Let's feel.

Proposed consultations and rituals:


Talk to me. From empathetic listening to your words, through my hand connected to the heart, the symbol is born to help you make your soul flourish.

The consultancy consists of...


Thanks to the Nahual tradition that I am learning, I can practice rituals with specific intentions.

With this ritual I create protection.

Through my internal energy in connection with the universe…

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