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Los dias de los muertos: dancing life!

Integrated laboratory of artistic expression and festive meeting curated by Eleonora Tassani.

Los dias de los muertos: dancing life is more than a workshop, it is a festive meeting.

The Nahual tradition of ancient Mexico is based on cycles: the cycles of time and nature.Death is part of this cycle, it is the greatest transformation, it is necessary for rebirth, for life, for the constant change of the world.For this reason it is joyfully celebrated as life is honored.

During the Los dias del los muertos, the days of the dead since October 27th to November 3rd, even today in Mexico they honor their dead and at the same time celebrate death itself by dancing, toasting and joking with it, to psychologically exorcise the fear it arouses and make it lose power.

With physical death we return to being part of the whole, but at the same time, according to tradition, a part of us arrives in the realm of the dead: theMictlan. During the days of the dead, the portal to this realm opens and that part of the soul of the dead that is there, can come back here to dance and celebrate with their relatives and friends.

This moment of reunification is important, the lineage is honored and, at the same time, remembering the dead is like giving continuity to their existence.

In the workshop Los dias de los muertos: dancing life, through the creative act, we will have the opportunity to give body, clothes and color to a dear deceased and together with him / her we will celebrate this meeting and life! By honoring death we have an opportunity to let go of old patterns and make room for new beginnings, for more life.

Raise your goblets and brushes, let the party begin!


Eleonora Tassani

I am creative by nature, artistic studies and years of experience in the fashion industry have contributed to my innate sensitivity, the ability to perceive tonal variations first of things and then of being. I love colours, nature and walking, the fusion of opposites in shades.

In 2011 I attended a seminar by dr. Omar Miranda-Novales and I begin...

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