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The flow of intimate color

Integrated laboratory of artistic expression by Eleonora Tassani.

In the laboratory "The Flow of intimate color", I accompany you on a sensory journey of listening and artistic expression of your soul which in its uniqueness enters into dialogue with other souls.

In my varied creative experience and through my training in the Nahual (Ancient Mexico) tradition, I have discovered that each of us has internal colors that can change over time, even throughout the day. The internal color defines how we are, the quality of the energy that moves within us, the nuances of our being in the world, it characterizes our uniqueness.

Being able to choose which color we are today is already a first step towards awareness of our Self.

In today's society we have begun to give importance to self-discovery to arrive at a state of well-being. Uniqueness is a value that expresses our divine nature. Probably, given the effort made for this process, the fear of losing ourselves once we enter a group or simply relate to each other is innervated.

This workshop is a testimony of how one can remain faithful to own essence, to oneself, while immersing oneself body and soul in a group. And how this meeting of souls creates unexpected and multiplied beauty.

Many aware uniqueness that replace the fear of getting lost with the joy of collaborating, create the world we would like.

When the body and emotions have a practical experience, then the mind understands, opens up and the change really begins.


Eleonora Tassani

I am creative by nature, artistic studies and years of experience in the fashion industry have contributed to my innate sensitivity, the ability to perceive tonal variations first of things and then of being. I love colours, nature and walking, the fusion of opposites in shades.

In 2011 I attended a seminar by dr. Omar Miranda-Novales and I begin...

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