About us

We are Dreamers.

Meaning that we have a strong dreamlike activities.
Animatrama comes from a dream –actually many dreams– jumping put from open drawers.
That kind of dreams that are profound, almost phisical, and that catch attention.
In our dreams, Guide Animals arrive unexpected and are familiar, scary and lovable at the same time.

We learnt how to give a name to each and every one of them, how to listen to them, making the rest quite an illusion.
Then, we decided to canalize and bring them to those who hardly dream, to those who let the dreams go with the sunrise. That’s why we decided that the best way to start was trough t-shirt...

You wear it, just like Soul wears dreams.

The rest follows...


Eleonora e Cristina

Cristina ed Eleonora
Cristina ed Eleonora